Parrot Jumping Sumo Drone

Parrot Jumping Sumo Drone

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jumping sumo light

Perfect jumps

Parrot Jumping Sumo is a responsive bot with a strong personality which rolls, rushes, zig-zags, circles, takes turns at 90°. In a flash, it leaps up to 80 cm in height! Jumping Sumo has 3 control modes:
1. Jumper: Jumps up to 80 cm in height and length, and always lands on its wheels.
2. Kicker: Its spring enables it to push objects in its path!
3. Auto-Balance: Balancing a fashion, as a “Segway”.
Acrobatic tricks are available from the free app FreeFlight 3.
Thanks to its embedded camera, it plunges you into the heart of theMiniDrones action!

Auto-Balance mode

jumping sumo light

jumping sumo inside

jumping sumo inside

Jump and roll!

Its ultra sophisticated technology enables more precise turns than any radio-controlled car.
Drive with your fingertips.
Jumping Sumo performs half- and u-turns in less than a second with its inertial unit.
Depending on your driving, it expresses his mood with customizable sound animations!
As soon as you take it in your hands, LED turn red informing jump is disabled.

Up to 80cm | More than 80 cm longjumping sumo inside

Faultless directional stability

2 piloting experiences with Jumping Sumo adjustable wheels:
1. The wheels open for greater stability in high-speed;
2. Re-tract in “compact” mode to enhance agility and drive through narrow areas.
Its embedded technology ensures perfectly straight paths and extreme turns!


Technical Specifications • Connectivity: Generates its WiFi(r) (AC) 2.4 or 5 Ghz network

• Range: Up to 50 meters in free-field conditions

• Directional stability: Inertial unit with a gyroscope and an accelerometer

• Wide angle camera – Resolution: 640×480 px, 15 frames per second

• Removable Lithium-Polymer Battery (compatible with Rolling Spider)

• Battery life: Up to 20 minutes / Full recharge in 1 hour

• Speed Rolls up to 2m/s (7 km/h)

• Runs Linux. Free SDK for coders.

Dimension & Weight 143 x 150 x 110 mm (tightened wheels mode) / 185 x 150 x 110 mm (large wheels mode) 182g

Power Source • Removable & rechargeable Lithium-Polymer 550mAh battery (compatible with Parrot Rolling Spider)

• Battery life: up to 20 minutes

• Full recharge: 1 hour

Box Content • 1 Jumping Sumo

• 1 LiPo Battery

• 3 Customisation stickers

• 1 Micro-USB charging cable

• 2 Rubber pads

• 1 Quick start guide

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 x 30 x 30 cm

Black, Khaki, White