Hertz HMS 10 B

Hertz HMS 10 B


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HMS 10 B


The HMS 10 B  long throw 10” marine subwoofer is engineered for infinite baffle application. It relieves the main speakers from the hard work of reproducing the lowest frequency range, adding bass output and punch to maximize the overall system performance. The FEM optimized high-excursion mobile equipment of HMS 10 B with a 50 mm (2”) voice coil is driven by a massive magnetic group, to obtain a perfect control also at very high level SPL. Engineered and tested for the real environment of application (UV, salt-fog, vibrations, water spray, thermal shock, dust ) HMS 10 B is nature-proof. The progressivedesign aramid fiber spider with silicone-insulated lead wires ensures durability and constant performance over time. The gold-plated corrosion resistant brass connection terminals with silicone cap protect the leadwire junction point.

Size mm (in.) 250 (10) Power Handling – Peak W 500 Power Handling – Continuous W 250 Impedance4 Sensitivity dB SPL 86 Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 50 (2) Xmax mm 13 X-mech mm (in.) ±19 (0.75) Re4,4 Fs Hz 40 Vas l 35 Qts 0.8 Qes 0.9 Qms 7 Spl dB 86

1. Engineered and tested for the real environment of application (UV, salt-fog, vibrations, water spray, thermal shock, dust ). 2. Long-throw 50mm (2”) voice coil woofer engineered for infinite baffle application featuring polypropylene cone injected with UV inhibitors and comolded Santoprene surround. 3. Progressive-design aramid fiber spider with silicone-insulated lead wires ensuring durability and constant performance over time. 4. FEM optimized high-excursion mobile equipment driven by a massive magnetic group encapsulated into a marine-grade polymer injected basket. 5. Gold-plated corrosion resistant brass connection terminals with silicone cap protecting leadwire junction point.


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