The Advantages of Adding a Canopy to Your UTE

The Advantages of Adding a Canopy to Your UTE 1024x536 1

If you are the owner of a utility vehicle, you are probably aware of the many advantages associated with owning one of these. 

So why not enjoy the benefits yourself by installing a canopy? Following are some things to consider to help you decide:

Protecting Work Equipment

It is common to use a utility vehicle for work since it can hold all of your expensive equipment safely and securely. 

Even though it can be tempting to leave all of your tools in the tray when you are done for the day, in this day and age, they will most likely get knocked off. 

A canopy will provide protection from thieves, which means that you won’t have to worry about theft of your prized tools.

In addition to securing them from people, it can also offer protection from the elements. 

There are some items, especially power tools and electronic devices, that can be easily damaged if they come in contact with water or are exposed to extreme heat. 

A canopy can offer protection from rain, snow and the direct rays of the sun.


Most people do not think of utility vehicles as being stylish, but a canopy can change this. 

Whether you use your vehicle for work, play or both, adding a canopy can enhance the look of it. 

Since most companies who offer these are willing to customise them to suit your individual tastes, it should be fairly simple to have one designed that will complement your vehicle.

Maintaining Value

Those who own utes know that the value of the vehicle diminishes greatly once wear and tear start to become apparent. 

It is common for the tray to become scratched, worn and/or rusty as time progresses. 

This means that when it comes time to trade it in or sell it, the price might be negatively affected. 

A canopy will help you preserve the value of your vehicle over time. 

Increasing Load Capacity

One issue that plagues many people who carry cargo, camping equipment and other items in their vehicles is not having enough space for everything. 

It can be a hassle to try and fit in everything you need without risking having the items falling out while you are driving. 

A canopy offers you the opportunity to increase the amount of available space. 

Since you can stack in more items, the load capacity is increased when adding a canopy. 

This is particularly useful if you usually end up leaving things behind or are trying to fit them inside the vehicle with you and your passengers.

Providing Shelter

If you work in remote areas such as a geologist or land surveyor, having a canopy on your ute offers you the opportunity to sleep safely protected from the elements as well as insects and even animals.

Further to this, while most people think of ute canopies as something that can help in a commercial sense, they can have practical value in your personal life too.

If you are someone who camps often, a canopy on your ute can allow you to sleep feeling safe and secure without the hassle of pitching a tent.


Purchasing a canopy can seem like an added expense, especially if you have already paid a large amount for your vehicle. 

With that said, the benefits you will receive in return, including added value and security, make this decision worthwhile. 

In fact, this may be one of the smartest investments you have ever made.

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