Choosing the Right Source Units for Your Car

Choosing the Right Source Units for Your Car
February 9, 2017 etraffic
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Source Units for Your Car

Although a car’s sound system isn’t an integral component when it comes to overall performance, choosing the right one can be the difference between a mundane and enjoyable driving experience. This is especially true for those who often travel long distances, whether it be recreationally or for work purposes. There are many different reasons drivers need new sound system and source units for their car, whether it be poor user-interface on their existing model, or just poor quality overall.

Some source units contain a multitude of features that cater to specific driving needs, whilst others feature very basic elements. For example, a driver may want to be able to access their audio system via touch screen interfaces, whilst others prefer the feel and functionality of a traditional push button. A top-of-the-range product, such as the Kenwood DDX9016DABS, is incredibly feature-rich, offering an app-based system which allows users to access Google Maps, Google Play Music, and your phone’s dialer; as well as Apple Car Play, Wi-Fi Access, Advanced Bluetooth, Dual USB with charging capabilities, and 2 camera inputs for multi-applications. Hektik Automotive Group are now offering this state-of-the-art product for just $1,080 down from $1,200.

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Hektik also offer more traditional source units and sound systems, available primarily in the Clarion range. However, even the most basic units still feature sleek designs, Bluetooth capabilities, radio tuners, USB connections with charging capabilities, and so on – without the touch screen interface.

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