The Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to Bull Bars

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Bull Bars are arguably the most critical of kits when it comes to your vehicle’s protection considerations. 

With this in mind, it is imperative to note that it can be challenging getting the perfect bull bar for your vehicle. 

So what exactly is there to look for in a bull bar if it is to meet your expectations and specifications accurately? 

Rest easy; this article has got you covered with the definitive buyer’s guide to bull bars.

What Is a Bull Bar?

Bull Bars are mostly metal designs that are fitted to the front of a vehicle. 

They serve the purpose of protecting the front end of the vehicle, more so, the engine and its parts, from extensive damage in the event of accidents. 

They also shield the vehicle’s exterior from solid debris when travelling off road.

The following considerations, among others, are prudent when choosing a bull bar before making the purchase:

  • Bull Bar material
  • Bull Bar styling
  • Effect on angling approaches
  • Bull Bar weight

1) Bull Bar Material

Conveniently, bull bars come in a wide range of materials. This can be from steel to plastic and several other materials in between. 

The choice of material for your bull bar is highly dependent on your travels with the vehicle and the bull bar’s purpose. 

It goes without saying; however, that steel is the most preferred material of choice for bull bars.

However, in the case of protection against animal strikes and the debris that comes with off-road travel, aluminum bull bars serve the purpose well.

The strength of a bull bar needs to be estimated based on your vehicle’s horsepower. 

Steel Bull Bars have high overall strength and integrity compared to other materials such as plastic and aluminum.

2) Bull Bar Style

With the question of the material for your bull bar out of the way, the style of bull bar is the next consideration. 

Different brands come in several different styles for their consumers. 

Therefore, in making this choice, you do need to consider your budget and your vehicle model. 

The following is a list of the different styles of bull bars that are available in the market today:

  • Bumper bar
  • Single hoop
  • Triple hoop
  • Competition bar 
  • Baja bar
  • Nudge bar

From the different styles above, the most convenient and widely known are the triple hoop and the single hoop, which includes a single hoop (as the name suggests) that runs over your vehicle’s radiator and is connected to the vehicle’s bumper. 

The single hoop bull bar is widely considered a great bargain based on your vehicle’s overall weight and protection needs. 

The triple hoop is known as a maximum protection bull bar but compensates for this guarantee with the cost of the most weight.

3) Effect on Angling Approaches

Depending on the brand, some bull bars hang low and don’t adequately protect the front of the vehicle. 

For such bull bars, it goes without saying that their design limits them in the arena of off-road travelling. 

In the event that you happen to be an off-road travel enthusiast or happen to travel mostly in areas prone to frequent animal strikes, it is recommended that you acquire a bull bar that hangs low and very close to the front of your vehicle.

Acquiring a bull bar that is perfect for your vehicle and your specific needs is a process that could determine how much you enjoy the experience of your vehicle.

Always go with a bull bar that you are confident in and that you can fully trust no matter where you plan on travelling.

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