How Is A Canopy Attached To A Ute?

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Canopies are a great addition to your ute, but have you ever wondered how they are actually attached? Let’s take a look at how they are fitted in more detail below.

Utes are pretty versatile vehicles and ute canopies are very popular with Australians for their functionality, durability, security, as well as their many other benefits. In addition, their stylish and sleek designs are aesthetically appealing as well.

Hektik Automotive has recently developed a wide range of products and is a distributor of many leading brands in 4 x 4 accessories enabling us to supply and fit the best accessories for four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Ute canopies have come a long way since the days of canvas sheets and steel frames. Nowadays they come with all kinds of cool features like built-in lights, central locking, windows, and even climate control.

They also come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, and materials making it easy for you to choose the design that suits your particular vehicle and lifestyle best.


The different makes of canopies include fiberglass, checker plate, steel, and ABS thermoplastic. While checker plate is heavy and can be quite expensive, fiberglass has been popular for many years.

UV-stable ABS thermoplastic canopies are made from durable, industrial-grade plastic. Steel canopies are tough and extra secure.

How are Canopies Fitted?

Ute canopies are mounted to the back of a dual cab with a unique bracket system and a design system that incorporates the sides into the body lines of the vehicle to minimise the dust issue.

Some manufacturers claim that their canopies are weather and waterproof, however, no amount of sealing will prevent dust from somehow sneaking in when touring through the Simpson.

Thermoplastic seals applied with special adhesive help to prevent as much of the red dust from coming in as possible. This means that you can confidently leave your gear in the back of your canopy in a thunderstorm or even a dust storm.

The Versatility of a Canopy

The best way to drastically increase the functionality of your four-wheel drive is to invest in a canopy. Not only will it maximise the space you have available in the tray, but it also provides great security as well as the following benefits:

  • Some versions can incorporate drawers which are ideal for safely storing tools or camping gear.
  • An all-purpose canopy kitted out for touring is ideal for 4 x 4 adventures but can also be used as a work vehicle for a tradie needing a safe spot to keep tools.
  • With so much storage space available you can pile in all the supplies you want and stock up on several extra items, securing them in a way that they can be safely and efficiently transported.
  • Some canopies are equipped with drop-down sides and tailgates that make it very easy to load and unload equipment and supplies.
  • A canopy will help to protect the tray of your four-wheel drive from wear and tear, scratches, and dents.
  • Some manufacturers include a strapping system that makes it easy to haul bulky items from one place to another.
  • Ute canopies are pretty easy to install and uninstall if you need to use the tray for transporting large items like moving furniture.

One of the best things about canopies is that they can immediately improve the aesthetic appeal of your ute with their sleek and stylish design, which will automatically add to the value of your vehicle.

When picking a canopy, choose to deal with a trusted, well-known supplier with the right experience and expertise to install the best canopy for your vehicle and your particular requirements.

Remember to check for qualities like dust-proof finishing and weather resistance. Whether you use your ute for business purposes or you are an avid camper, the extra space that a canopy provides can’t be denied.

Having a canopy fitted will give you the opportunity to go to places you have never been before or enhance your business.

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