Turn Up the Bass with Hertz Amplifiers

Turn Up the Bass with Hertz Amplifiers
December 22, 2016 etraffic
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Hertz Amplifiers

Your car stereo is one of the parts on a car that isn’t vital to its performance. It has no effect on whether you get to work on time, but the majority of us switch it on nonetheless. Some drivers would never their car without music, radio or even an audio book playing.

So how does it sound when you do switch it on? Is the sound quality great? Unless your car came with a premium brand name factory option, chances are the answer is not so great.

Upgrading your car stereo receiver is a good way to get more audio options, like a better sound quality, clearer radio channels and even CD or DVD playback. But for noticeable improvements in sound quality, you’ll need more than just a new stereo.

Hertz amplifiers can be used to supply extra power to your car audio components. They will amplify­ electrical signals to send more power to your audio system. Every standard car stereo comes with its own, built-in amplifier; however, they are often limited by space and budget and are too small to send the power a bespoke stereo system requires.

As expert suppliers and installers of in-car entertainment, security and sound systems, Hektik Automotive Group advise that an external car audio amplifier is essential when you’re running a whole heap of components in your system. If you’re planning to purchase bigger speakers, tweeters and a subwoofer for your car, the typical power supply system is unlikely to support your new system. For further advice and to discuss your in-car sound system wish list in more detail, email them at sales@hektikgroup.com.au.