What do you want from your Audio Car Solutions?

What do you want from your Audio Car Solutions?
September 29, 2016 etraffic
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When most people think about their car stereo, they’re actually thinking about the receiver. Also referred to as the head unit or deck, the receiver is both the brain and heart of your car audio system and the piece of equipment that you will directly interact with from whilst driving.

During the car buying process, you may get to choose your receiver and lock in your available audio sources, features, and the expandability of the rest of your car audio system. Or it may be that you are considering an upgrade to your current system. Either way, what should you look for when choosing for a new receiver?

The most important bits that you should look for are the audio sources that you most often use. Do you still need a CD player? Would you like the option of DVD playback when parked? Have you ditched discs in favour of more fast moving digital media? And with fast moving technology a part of every day life, the chances are that you or a passenger will want to plug a phone or media player into your car at some point, so is your new receiver is set for universal connectivity?

All of these are choices that require careful consideration and it makes sense to consult with an expert advisor who can offer you total audio car solutions. Whether you are upgrading a current set up or looking to start from scratch, Hektik Automotive Group offer an extensive range of equipment for differing budgets and requirements, alongside a professional fitting service. Visit www.hektik.com.au to start your selection today.