What Style Of Bullbar Is Best For Animal Strikes?

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Bullbars come in different styles, materials, prices, and shapes. Are you wondering what style of bull bar is best for animal strikes? If so, please continue reading.

A bullbar is one of the most important pieces of 4WD protection gear your vehicle should have.

Whether you plan to tour the Australian outback or venture off-road, you should have one of these protective gear pieces on your 4WD.

With such a huge range of bull bar manufacturers in Australia, choosing the best bullbar for animal strikes isn’t easy.

Your research plays a big part in this regard. This article provides information on what style of bullbar is best for animal strikes.


  • What is a bullbar?
  • Bullbar materials
  • Bullbar styles
  • What style of bullbar is best for animal strikes?


What Is A Bullbar?

A bullbar is a large piece of metal manufactured to protect the front of your 4WD from collisions and animal strikes.

Collisions and animal strikes can damage the engine and other components of the vehicle.

Bullbars are mostly used by people who drive long distances to protect against animal strikes and major collisions.

If you venture offroad frequently and need to protect your 4WD from debris, the best solution is to install a bull bar on your 4WD.


Bull Bar Materials

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bullbar to protect your 4WD from animal strikes is to decide on the material.

Bullbars are made from steel, plastic, and aluminium. Each material is suited for different purposes and has its own advantages.

Steel bullbars are the best to protect your vehicle from animal strikes when driving long distances in Australia.

The strength of the material is an advantage in this regard.

Steel bars don’t require a lot of maintenance other than the occasional wash. They are cheaper than aluminium bars and easy to repair.

The only downside is they weigh up to 30% more than aluminium bull bars. Plastic is the lightest but also the weakest material for bull bars.

Plastic bullbars are ideal to lessen the impact on pedestrians during an accident.

Aluminium is the other popular bullbar material on the market. Aluminium is strong but weighs less than steel bull bars.


Bullbar Styles

Once you have decided on the material of the bull bar, the next step is to decide on the style of the bar.

The bumper bar is the most basic type of bar to protect the front end of your 4WD.

The competition bar has been designed to offer maximum protection to the front end of your 4WD with maximum ground clearance.

These bars are used primarily for off-road competitions and are easily removed when damaged. The Baja bar is quite similar to the bumper bar.

It gives additional reinforcement into the chassis so that they can be easily used with high-powered winches.

Baja bars are designed for offroad competition.

Nudge bars are popular for aesthetic purposes and not suitable to protect the vehicle against animal strikes.


What Style Of Bull Bar Is Best For Animal Strikes?

If you plan to travel offroad in Australia, you need to protect the front end of your 4WD before you hit the road.

If you hit an animal like a kangaroo at speed without a bull bar, your 4WD could be severely damaged.

That’s why you need to install a steel bullbar on your 4WD when travelling in Australia.


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